2007 Sweet Blogging Candy Connections
Dec 27 2007

Picture by my friend Sandy Blanchard

Liz Strauss did a post asking us how we thank our blog friends and it got me thinking as Liz’s posts often do.  As 2007 comes to a close, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank and recognize all the amazing connections with amazing people I’ve made as a result of starting this blog this year.  Your posts and comments have made me laugh, shed tears, smile, raise my eyebrows, share, grow as a person, and most importantly LEARN.  Thank you!  In no particular order (except for the first one), they are:

Connie Reece of Every Dot Connects – She is the one who got me started with blogging!

Wendy Piersall of eMoms at Home.  She gave me the honor of guest posting on her blog with a post called Entrepreneurship: A Blessing or a Curse?

Liz Strauss of Successful Blog – she called me an SOB (Successful and Oustanding Blogger)

Naomi Dunford of IttyBiz – check out her mini case study on Babble Soft

Pearl at Interesting Observations

Neena of A Mom’s Life at Neenmachine – check out her guest baby tip on keeping a baby food journal

Carole Hayes of Alias Tex – check out her guest baby tip post on increasing your milk supply

Bryan Mennell of Austin Startup – check out my guest post called Parenting a Startup and Kids.

Carleen Hawn of Found|Read – check out her post about one of my posts called Sometimes, You Gotta Ignore the Experts

Nataly Kagan of Work It, Mom – she mentioned me in one of her posts on her personal blog Learning Optimism that she later posted on Huffington Post.

Thom Singer of Some Assembly Required – He recently did a post on passion and mentioned me.

Lee Aase from Lines from Lee – he helped me with setting up the Babble Soft facebook page.

Robb at the Robblog – long time friend.  I think I forced him into blogging or something like that.

Clay Nichols of DadLabs – fellow Austin entrepreneur in the parenting area.  If you haven’t seen it (and aren’t easily offended) check out their Manly Breastfeeding Video.

Eric Doggett of DogBlog – a fellow Austin entreprenuer/photographer

Shane & Peter of Shane & Peter – because of Shane’s post requesting us to interview ourselves I wrote a post called An Entrepreneurial Self Portrait.

Maryam Scoble of Maryamie – don’t be surprised if you see me on the Scobleshow in 2008!

Char at Casual Keystrokes

Randa Clay of Randa Clay Design

Jennifer Laycock of The Lactivist– nursing out loud

Karen Rani and Vicki Maxel of Swank Webstyle – they did my entrepreMusings blog design and implementation as well as our current corporate site.

We have exchanged meaningful (at least to me!) emails/blog comments, spoken on the phone, or met in person this past year.  They have helped me in my journey and I hope that I’ve been able to help them too!  I apologize if I’ve forgotten someone as I’m typing this up before we head out for the holidays.  If I have, let me know and I’ll add you to the list. 

Thank you all for enriching my life in 2007!

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14 Comments on “2007 Sweet Blogging Candy Connections”

  1. 1 Connie Reece said at 10:49 AM on December 27th, 2007:

    Aruni, when we first started creating a blog for you, I had no idea how quickly you would break out of the gate and race for the finish line. Well done! I hope 2008 is a banner year for you and Babble Soft.

  2. 2 Eric Doggett said at 11:00 AM on December 27th, 2007:

    Thanks for the mention – I look forward to meeting you someday in person! Congrats on your successes in 2007, and best wishes for an awesome 2008!

  3. 3 John said at 1:13 PM on December 27th, 2007:

    Thanks for the DadLabs shoutout. We help them produce the show and appreciate the support. Happy New Year!

    John Henkel
    For Your Imagination

  4. 4 Neena (NeenMachine) said at 1:39 PM on December 27th, 2007:

    I am glad to have made your acquaintance this past year. And writing a guest post on your blog was an honor. Wishing you a happy, healthy, and successful 2008!

  5. 5 Aruni said at 3:51 PM on December 27th, 2007:

    @Connie – Thanks Connie. You have a heart of gold with all the help you extend to people like me and your friends who are fighting cancer. What a feat you helped orchestrate for Susan Reynolds!

    @Eric – since you live in Austin hopefully we’ll run into each other sooner than later.

    @John – The DadLabs guys are great and oh so funny! Sounds like a great partnership between then and FYI.

    @Neena – So glad to have met you too! I look forward to getting to know you better in 2008!

  6. 6 Wendy Piersall said at 9:17 PM on December 27th, 2007:

    I love and appreciate a lot of those bloggers too, including you! 😉


  7. 7 Randa Clay said at 7:45 AM on December 28th, 2007:

    Congrats on a wonderful, successful 2007 Aruni, and best of luck as we head into 2008!

  8. 8 Robb said at 10:25 AM on December 28th, 2007:

    Thanks for the mention! Here’s to a great 2008.

  9. 9 Aruni said at 5:40 PM on December 28th, 2007:

    @Wendy – thanks Wendy. I look forward to finding more ways to work together and get to know each other better in the new year.

    @Randa – great luck to you too in 2008. I hope everything goes well with the birth of your baby. If you haven’t heard there is some software out there that can help you communicate with other caregivers and help you in a sleep deprived state with decisions about childcare when baby is born. Let me know if I can hook you up. 🙂

    @Robb it will be a great 2008! Can’t wait to see you meet and exceed those writing goals. I’m already saving time to read the next screen play!

  10. 10 Char said at 8:09 PM on December 30th, 2007:

    Aruni –

    Thanks for the mention!! 2007 was such a great year for connecting with some really wonderful people thanks to blogging. I look forward to continuing to get to know you during 2008.

  11. 11 Lee Aase said at 4:46 PM on January 7th, 2008:

    Appreciate having made your highlights, Aruni. I was glad to help. Hope 2008 is even more successful than 2007.

  12. 12 Aruni said at 11:26 AM on January 14th, 2008:

    Hi Char – Same here. Thanks for the recent mention on your blog.

    Hi Lee – 2008 will be more successful than 2007. I can feel it!

  13. 13 Karen Sugarpants said at 10:37 AM on March 20th, 2008:

    Better late than never, but I just caught this entry! Thanks for the mention – I’ve seen your name all over the web and I’m glad you are having such success!

    Karen Sugarpants’s last blog post..Mornin’

  14. 14 Aruni said at 12:24 PM on March 20th, 2008:

    Hi Karen – didn’t realize my name is all over the web. Now if that would only translate into mucho product sales, I’d be sitting pretty. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!