Around The Corner…
Jul 14 2012

Why is it when we are stressed or depressed we usually can’t envision peace and happiness around the corner, but when we are happy and things seem to be going well, we are more likely to anticipate bad things around that corner?  Not everyone thinks like that but most people are not as enlightened as Buddha professed to be and events, people, pets, and words affect us.  We doubt ourselves and our future.  The ironic thing is that if something really bad does happen it’s usually not anticipated.  So we get ourselves worked up over things that usually don’t happen because we can never really prepare for the really horrible stuff.

I saw this photo of a little Indian boy rowing in a metal bowl (not sure where I got it now since I saved it months ago) and it evoked several thoughts/emotions in me as a mother:  “That could be my son.  What a brave little boy!  Does he know where he’s going?  Where are his parents?  Was there a big flood or is this his usual morning routine? Will he be ok? Who is waiting for him on the other side.  I hope someone hugs him.  I hope someone gives him some food.”  Who knows what he’s thinking, but he apparently found a big flat oar like stick, got in this metal bowl, and decided to row to a better place.

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8 Comments on “Around The Corner…”

  1. 1 Aditya said at 12:52 AM on July 19th, 2012:

    Hey Aruni,
    surely we see the same things with different perceptions and it is the result of mood swing.Your story about the indian boy and the questions you have put up are admirable.

  2. 2 sehaj mann said at 5:45 AM on July 19th, 2012:

    hi aruni,
    very good post make me think for a while about the points about happiness and sorrow. but thats life dear. as elders say ” live the moment” and you will be happy.
    thanks for the post.

  3. 3 Alethia S. said at 1:32 PM on July 19th, 2012:

    Interesting thought but you are completely right! I never looked at it that way. I used to be a very positive person but the past year has been a struggle for me, financially, physically and mentally so it’s hard to reach that ‘good’ around the corner, but I have hopes it’s still there…somewhere… 🙂

  4. 4 mbwani said at 11:22 PM on July 24th, 2012:

    It all depends on the mind as this little boy has no any negative thought about will he came back alive he thinks i have to reach to my destination that is why his will power get strong .
    If we get rid from all the negative thoughts in mind and try to think positive always we will became succesful in every aspect .. thanks for the post.

  5. 5 Robinsh said at 8:00 AM on July 28th, 2012:

    It’s India and here the pics like this one is common not because of the poor conditions just because of the popularity stats.

    I also hope he will get in contact with someone who will hug and feed him.

  6. 6 Toolbox Sunday: Giant Baby Edition | Housewife Empire said at 1:04 AM on July 29th, 2012:

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  7. 7 Aruni said at 8:39 AM on July 29th, 2012:

    @Aditya – I’m not sure what you mean by it being a result of “mood swing” but if you say so. 🙂

    @sehaj – It is easier said that done to “live the moment” but we should all strive to do just that and not worry so much about the past or the future.

    @Alethia – I’m glad the post reminded you to think about the “good” around the corner. 🙂

    @mbwani – I’m sure the boy does not know there are other ways to live in life so he just keeps moving and hopefully trusts that things will work out.

    @Robinsh – Having been to India myself, I know that it is not uncommon to have people living in poor conditions. It’s a reminder to us living in very different/posh conditions that we should be grateful for what we have and that there are others on this planet living a completely different experience than we are.

  8. 8 Aditya said at 2:17 AM on August 1st, 2012:

    @ Aruni : Here i meant that,We think according to our mood,if we are happy we see things differently as compared to the situation when we are sad.This mood swing changes our way of looking at the same thing.

    The story you have narrated here is awesome abd the way you looked at the indian boy is admirable,but if the same situation comes across you when you are sad or may be distracted by something it may be possible that you even don’t notice that boy.