Imagine That. It’s 2013!
Jan 6 2013

Happy New Year!   From what I’ve observed at this point in my life, it seems to me that there really is no telling what awaits around the corner with regards to jobs, kids, health, love, or whatever, so I’ve given up on resolutions for the time being.  We are living in interesting times, and I have been fortunate/unfortunate enough to experience many things…some of my choosing and most not of my choosing.  Maybe I will live long enough and happen upon the right muse(s) along the way to enable me to write more about it…

So in 2013 I’ll just do my best to breathe deep, laugh with my kids, and spend time with people who support/love me & my kids (i.e., no fair weather friends or family).  I’ll continue to do my best at whatever I’m attempting to do and support others even if I find myself in less than ideal circumstances or around negative people, which seems to be happening less and less.  I also will continue to come to grips with the reality of my busy life (e.g., it took me close to 5 days to actually finish writing this short post because of work, facebook, watching TV, words with friends, going to the movies, spending time with real offline friends, downtime, and kid stuff!). 🙂

May you experience the most peace, love, and joy possible in 2013!

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4 Comments on “Imagine That. It’s 2013!”

  1. 1 Paul R. said at 7:44 AM on January 11th, 2013:

    I hope you can keep on doing with your plans in 2013 and i hope you have a good year, man! I also should spend more time with my real offline friends!

  2. 2 Robert said at 6:21 PM on January 12th, 2013:

    I hear you I find myself down some unknown road and wonder how I got there… I started the day with a plan and then…whoops… Some colorful balloon drifts by and all my resolutions are forgotten in the excitement of the moment.
    My main plan this year is 2-3 post each week, and lots and lots of backlinking. The occasional video, just learning, to help things along and backlink that thing too.

  3. 3 Aruni said at 3:34 PM on March 11th, 2013:

    Robert – good luck with achieving your goals. It’s good to see the occasional colorful balloon go by because it can inspire you to write. Having offline friends give you even more things to write about!

  4. 4 Robert said at 9:59 AM on January 13th, 2013:

    Yes, good reminder, i do spend most of my time with this computer.
    Offline friends are more important.