Salt and The Brew – An Interesting Combination
Jul 25 2010

I saw the movie Salt yesterday with a friend and it was intense.  A good action/thriller with Angelina Jolie as the main character.  She plays a CIA agent who is set up by Russian agents to infiltrate American intelligence, but she doesn’t know this about herself until she’s much older.  Of course the bad guys always underestimate the power of true love to destroy even the most evil plots and plans.  The stunts and effects were really good.  However, as skinny as Angelina is, some of those stunts and fights with men twice her size are even harder to believe…but hey, it’s just a movie.  My friend and I left the theater pumped with adrenaline, and we both concluded that the way the movie ended there was probably going to be a Salt II.

We decided to grab some dinner and headed over to Baby Acapulco’s which is just across the street from the theater.  We were pleasantly surprised with the band who was playing that night – The Brew.   They play Latin Jazz music and they were really good.  She had heard of them before and I wasn’t sure if I had.  We both enjoyed a margarita and the show!  They even had a free group salsa lesson that I participated in despite the fact I was wearing flip flops.  I’d love to take salsa or almost any kind of dance lessons some day so it was a fun experience.  A bunch of us lined up in front of the stage and my practice partner ended up being another woman who was there supporting the band so she already knew how to dance salsa.  She was older than me and really sweet.  She just got back from Hawaii and was wearing a pretty flower in her hair.  We took turns being the man in the practice sessions as did others because it was mostly women who came up to participate in the free lesson.

The Brew has a sound similar to the Gipsy Kings so beautiful and romantic.  Musicians are entrepreneurs and I’m always impressed when I see a band who is able to seemingly make a living sharing their talent.  To me, hearing them after watching Salt was a nice way to calm the nerves after watching an intense movie!  I look forward to hearing them again sometime soon.

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