The Drowsy Chaperone and Despicable Me
Aug 30 2010

I saw a play/musical called The Drowsy Chaperone this past Friday with some friends at a local Austin theater called Zach (if you click that link you can even see a short video) and it was very good.  The narrator was hilarious.  He is an obviously gay guy who was married once but now is alone in his apartment listening to old vinyl records, one of which is of the musical The Drowsy Chaperone.  He intervenes during the performance with his opinions of each scene with great commentary from his life experience.  He is so excited about the musical, where most of the cast end up marrying each other (i.e., 4 weddings take place at the end), but also sad and lonely about his situation about not finding the right person to be with.  Actors to me seem to be entrepreneurs, selling themselves for each show in the hopes of getting cast.  I’m guessing that unless you are on Broadway in New York, acting is a tough life financially.

I also discovered a new restaurant called Paggi House.  The food was great (except the mussels were too small) and they had half price drinks and appetizers until 7pm so we shared a bunch of interesting things including one of my favorite things: soft shell crab!  Well, my friend isn’t a big fan of soft shell crab so she let me eat 95% of it (yummy) with a really interesting sweet/sour/vinegar house made sauce.  She had a really interesting salad that I took a few bites of that had vanilla in the dressing!

Saturday and Sunday consisted of meals at home and Chuy’s as well as seeing the movie Despicable Me with the kids.  They had already seen it, but since I hadn’t. I used my strong persuasion skills (not hard) to get them to see it again.  It had some pretty funny, but predictable scenes.  The main character strives to be the best villain in the world and gets caught by surprise when he adopts 3 little girls as part of one of his schemes to be the best villain.  His mother is never pleased with his attempts at villainy as a child and later in life which motivates him but also makes him sad.  In the end his mother pays him probably the best and only compliment he’s received from her when she tells him that he is a great parent to the 3 little orphan girls he adopted…”probably even better than me.”  You can tell he was pleased that she finally gave him credit for something and it wasn’t for any of his attempts to be a bad guy.   Us mothers can cause so much joy and sadness in our kids lives…well according to movies anyway…oh and a few psychologists. 🙂  I wonder where the dads are in these animated movies?!

I had planned to post this earlier, but my Internet has been down for the last couple of days because some squirrels chewed through some of the cabling…those darn squirrels!

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