Baby Proofing Your Marriage
Apr 15 2007

Baby Proofing Your MarriageI just finished reading a new book called Baby Proofing your Marriage. I also recently met one of the authors, Stacie Cockrell.  She is a fellow MBA grad from The University of Texas at Austin and happens to be married to a venture capitalist that interestingly my husband and I had met briefly almost 10 years ago!  What a small world…or at least small town (Austin, TX).

This is a really great book! Funny, entertaining, and quick/easy to read.  It’s been a top seller at soon after its release in January 2007.

Several of the situations described in the book brought back memories of when my husband and I had some of the same “heated discussions” when our kids were babies. I’m now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and I think this book is a must-read for those still in the “trenches.”

The men will particularly appreciate Chapter 4, The “Sex Life” of New Parents: Coitus Non-Existus.

So if you are in Baby World or know anyone who is, this book will provide something interesting to talk about … and could save at least one trip to the marriage counselor. 🙂

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