Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate
Jul 8 2016

MLK-quoteWhen will the human race truly understand, feel, and appreciate this profound, yet basic sentiment that Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and many others have known and stated so many times?  My son was 5 miles from the senseless shootings in Dallas (Barack Obama in a White House update) last night.

I haven’t posted in a long while for a few reasons, but mostly because I was not strongly motivated to do so until right now.

Peace has to come from inside each of us. We must “be the change we wish to see in the world!” – Mahatma Gandhi

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2 Comments on “Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate”

  1. 1 Bettis Richardson said at 9:50 PM on July 13th, 2016:

    I have to say, I stumbled upon your website while searching for music blogs to submit my music to for review or posting/sharing on their site if interested. I am an independent singer-songwriter myself. I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments of your most recent post. It takes a village and it takes love. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Not enough people are giving value to the world or simply to one another anymore. I will send you a song in the future just to share with you. If you feel so inclined to share on your blog great. Keep up the journey and always offer value to others as you are doing, you never know who may need it or who you may truly inspire. Thank you for this !

  2. 2 Aruni said at 7:51 AM on July 14th, 2016:

    Hi Bettis – Thanks for the comment! I haven’t really done any formal music review posts before and have only mentioned my own, but I’ll keep an eye out for it and consider sharing if I decide to start doing something like that despite my amateur ear. 🙂