Father’s Day Mania
Jun 11 2007

The week before Father’s Day (Sunday, June 17) is finally upon us and I thought it might be interesting to write a short post about the origination of the day as well as provide you with some other neat links.   In the US, the first modern Father’s Day was celebrated on July 5, 1908 in Fairmont, WV.  It is also suggested that Sonora Smart Dodd drove the effort to establish the Day to honor her father, a single parent of six children.  The first June Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1919 in Spokane, WA.

There are many things you can do for your father and/or father of your children and if you aren’t able to do anything really mind boggling this year, then there is always the ‘ole t-shirt option.

If you have a lot of time on your hands and would like to read a long article on expecting fathers check out: Medical Technology and Childbirth: Experiences of Expectant Mothers and Fathers.

If time is hard to come by these days, you can read some lighthearted Father’s Day quotes or even get a chuckle out of what people in Stockholm, Sweden think of the US Celebration of Father’s Day.

With all that said, remember that Dads tend to like gadgets over ties so use the 20% off special going on this month to buy him or any expecting dads a gift subscription to Baby Manager.  Remember that you can take advantage of the special to buy gifts for numerous baby showers you are about to attend (subscriptions aren’t activated until the user first logs on)!


p.s. Baby Manager’s name is derived from the well known fact that babies “manage us” and the best we can do is try to keep up by using cool, new software.  😉

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