Press Release Distribution – What A Process!
Jan 29 2008

One of the many hats an entrepreneur wears is the “getting great press mentions” hat.  It’s typically a frustrating process since unless you happen to know each editor personally, chances are quite high they will hit ‘delete’ or not return your messages thereby not giving you a chance to tell your wonderful, glorious story.  This seems even more true in the baby/new parent industry because there are a bunch of cool new products released every day in this industry and the editors are inundated with pitches.

I know it must be tough for editors because they get so many thousands of emails from everyone wanting them to write a story about what they believe is TNBT (i.e., The Next Big Thing).  But it’s tough for us entrepreneurs to get noticed too!  Since we are spending money on SEO, I decided to take on doing the traditional PR work myself until we raise funds.  This means emails and follow up calls to editors at places like Parenting Magazine, Twins Magazine, Parents, Pregnancy, etc., etc.  Only the most popular magazines for parents….

That’s why our SEO firm has also submitted it for distribution in free press release avenues on the Internet which should drive more traffic to our site or at least build up some of our back links. 🙂

The problem with wearing so many hats is that you don’t have the time to wear one long enough to spend the required, necessary time to really dig in deep and make a big impact.  I wonder what color the press release hat is?

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3 Comments on “Press Release Distribution – What A Process!”

  1. 1 Carrie Hill said at 11:29 AM on January 30th, 2008:

    I am also wearing this hat as a newcomer to the start up company field in the baby/parent market. I am wondering which Free Press Release avenues online you have found tto be the most responsive with interest from editors. Can you ahre some you have used?

  2. 2 Aruni said at 3:33 PM on January 30th, 2008:

    Hi Carrie – I don’t have a bunch of experience yet with the free press sites. One is If you do a google search on ‘free pr sites’ you’ll see a bunch too. I think they are more useful for links to your sites than for editors to review.

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