A Dream You Have Will Come True
Jul 30 2008

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Yes, the title of this post is yet another fortune cookie fortune that I got at lunch at P. F. Chang’s yesterday.   And yes that means my brain is too tired from working two jobs, taking care of kids, and pretending to be a being a good wife to come up with my own titles. 

I will eventually get around to my next post on the painful great lessons learned about Search Engine Optimization, but  in the meantime you can go back and read my What They Don’t Tell You About SEO posts Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 to get you primed and ready for Part 4!

So back to the fortune cookie title ‘A dream you have will come true.’  I’m wondering what dream it might be referring to?  Does it mean night dreams or day dreams?  Does it mean it will come true if I play the Lucky Numbers 3, 56, 32, 38, 25, and 42 that appear under the fortune?  Or does it imply that if I learn how to properly say the word “Peach” (i.e., tao-zi) noted on the back of the cookie in Chinese that it will come true? 

Then I started wondering if I even have dreams that I want to come true?  Being an avid dreamer at night, I often wish for dreamless, deep sleeps since I dream about work, life, kids, etc. while I sleep.  I don’t have scary dreams, just boring, mundane, every day life dreams where sometimes I happen to come up with some solutions to problems but that mostly leave me wishing for more sleep when I wake up! 

So if a dream is a wish and a wish is a dream, I wish for some nights of dreamless, uninterrupted-by-kids sleep.  Oh and I also dream that I will be able to change the world by helping others discover their potential to change the world! :mrgreen:

How about you? What is your dream?

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4 Comments on “A Dream You Have Will Come True”

  1. 1 Nancy Sutherland said at 7:40 AM on July 30th, 2008:

    I think that daydreams are more valuable than the ones we have when we sleep in the fact that we have the ability to create and control them. What you think about you bring about. So if you “dream” about your life the way that you want it, your subconscious mind will move you in the direction of achieving it. My dreams at night are not usually congruent with my on purpose dreams during the day. So those dreams can and will come true!

    Nancy Sutherlands last blog post..Taking the Next Step in Your Success Journey

  2. 2 Asianmommy said at 4:05 PM on July 30th, 2008:

    My dreams while sleeping are often blasts from the past. I’m with my best friend from high school or some guy I used to know and we’re doing random stuff. Nothing I’d particularly like to re-live.
    What I used to dream about (hope for) in my youth has come true: a career, a spouse, 2 kids, and a house in the burbs. At this point, I just hope for our continued health and happiness.

  3. 3 Aruni said at 5:09 PM on July 31st, 2008:

    @Nancy – that’s true. I guess the trick is to make your day dreams full of cool things…often hard to do when feeling tired and having kids running around. 🙂

    @Asianmommy – I sometimes have night dreams with people from high school but it’s rare. That’s so great that your youthful dreams have come true! I don’t think I thought so far ahead when I was young but so far so good… 🙂

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