Nacho The Party Puppy!
Dec 14 2008

Now for a post on the lighter side of life.  I’m sure my reflective/transformational posts might be too heavy for some readers.  Lord knows when I re-read them, they remind me of my roller coaster ride called life.  Did I mention roller coaster rides make me sick? 🙂

So now for something fun!  This post is about a book about Nacho, a dog who apparently likes to party.  Two people I know (Janet Mitchell and Bonnie Caver) are friends with the writer (Emma J. Virjan) and gave me a copy of the book.  It’s such a fun read and both my kids enjoy reading it.  They think it’s funny that this puppy has a party in a tub, in a box, and eats hot dogs.  It’s a flip book with colorful pictures and cute sayings.

My kids love this book and it could make for a great stocking stuffer or Christmas gift!

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