Babbling About Business and Parenthood
Jan 3 2009

I’ve changed the tag line on the header of this blog from ‘babbling about business, babies, and parenthood‘ to ‘babbling about business and parenthood.’  I haven’t done any posts about babies in a long time and given that I finally completed my daughter’s baby album, I’ve closed the book on the baby stage of my life.

However, that does not mean I won’t be doing posts about babies ever again.  Nicole, my new partner and resident baby sleep expert, and I will be putting some baby related posts up on The Babble Soft Blog.  Our NEW blog (designed by none other than Swank Webstyle, who designed this blog) just went live last week and we don’t even have more than our “Hello World” post on it yet, but we’ll soon be posting baby tips and advice on a periodic basis there.  We welcome great guest baby tips as well!

I’ll continue to post about the collision/intersection/graceful (and not-so-graceful) interweaving of the entrepreneurial similarities between business and parenthood here on entrepreMusings.

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