Texas Bluebonnets
Apr 7 2010

The spring flowers in Texas are blooming and this year they seem extra beautiful. I just had to share an iPhone picture of some bluebonnets, the Texas state flower, growing outside of the place I work. They seem to be extra big and extra blue this year. Flowers always remind me of rebirth…of Spring…of new beginnings.  There are patches of bluebonnets and other Spring flowers all over the city, and whether it’s a tradition or required by law, they do not get mowed until they quit growing.

If only we could appreciate the beauty of people like we appreciate the beauty of flowers.  I guess the difference is that flowers come and go so we see them anew each year and most of the people in our daily lives we see often.  We seem to have a harder time appreciating the beauty in something or someone we see everyday…unless of course they make us smile inside or out. 🙂

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