And Then An Egg Explodes In Your Face
Sep 11 2010

You’re going about your weekend morning breakfast routine.  The kids are having fun and doing fine.  You boil eggs for them except they turn out a little runnier than one of your kids likes so you put it in the microwave to harden up the middle a little for 30 seconds.  The egg white was already slit and you remark that you hope it doesn’t explode in the microwave.  You pull it out and it looks fine.  You place it in front of your 5 year old daughter and take a fork to it to cut it for her and BOOM, it explodes all over your face, her face, the table, the chairs, the floor, etc.  You are stunned, she’s stunned, her brother is stunned.  You can’t see because there are egg pieces in your eyes and your daughter starts crying because she’s startled and scared.

You stand dumbfounded for a moment wondering what happened when you realize there are pieces of egg everywhere.  You wipe her face and your face and she walks off to sit on the couch nearby because she doesn’t want to be anywhere near the disaster and she wants to recover.  Your 8 year old son keeps walking around where the egg pieces on the floor are despite being told at least 5 times not to walk there, but he’s kind of amused by it all.  He keeps saying “sorry, I didn’t realize it was here.”  And you roll your eyes at him not comprehending why he couldn’t remember you just told him not to walk there.  You start laughing at the craziness and then after a few minutes you all start pointing at each other and laughing at the fact you all have pieces of egg in your hair.  You ask your daughter if she’s still hungry and she says she is so you offer her a bagel with cream cheese (which is her favorite) and she says she wants to eat it while sitting on the counter and you let her so you can finish cleaning the breakfast table area.  Her brother also wants to sit on the counter and eat a bagel so you let him do it too despite the fact he ate all of his egg because he likes runny eggs.

You clean up, you take them to your voice lesson where they color and play on the iPhone while you have your lesson, for lunch you cut them some apples and make them cheese & ham quesadillas that get slightly burned because you discover more egg pieces and get distracted trying to clean them up, you listen to them complain briefly that their lunch is slightly burned but you don’t get too upset because they are playing nicely together with some board games and staying out of your way while you continue to eradicate the kitchen of random pieces of egg, you take them to your daughter’s swim lesson where your son wants to download more free games to your iPhone, and then you come home.  You let them watch TV because you are tired and you lay in between them and fall asleep for 5 minutes before their Dad comes to pick them up.

Then you attempt to catch up on hundreds of emails, housework, paperwork, busy work, eat cereal for dinner because nothing else appeals to you, watch a recording of Mad Men, write this post and then go to bed.

Yes, that was my day today and I wouldn’t trade it for any other because an egg exploded in my face for the first time in my life and my kids were there to see it and everyone is OK. 🙂   And I’m grateful that it was just an egg and not an airplane exploding in my building like what happened 9 years ago in New York on this very date, September 11.

There are so many ways to tie an egg unexpectedly exploding in your face to life as an entrepreneur or parent, that it would take too long to write about here. So I’ll just leave it up to you all to come up with your own egg exploding business start-up and other parenting analogies.

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3 Comments on “And Then An Egg Explodes In Your Face”

  1. 1 jeteye said at 9:27 AM on September 12th, 2010:

    Hum, funny in two ways (look at the DATE of the explosion) and for the fact the same thing happened to me, but I was alone. What I could not fathom was how far all the egg went. After thinking about it PV=nRT really came into play. I even tried it again cracking the shell first, but nope, more explosions. In a weird way, exploding egg in your face is sort of funny as long as no one gets hurt! <3 <3

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  3. 3 Aruni said at 6:31 PM on September 23rd, 2010:

    @jeteye – yes, it struck me that the egg explosion was on 9/11 too after I wrote the post. It was sort of funny and my son has told the story a few times at school already. 🙂