Behind The Baby Album
Dec 22 2008

During the holiday break, I’m trying to tie up some loose ends and one of those was completing my daughter’s first year baby album. She was born a couple of years before we released Baby Say Cheese otherwise I would have already had the pictures selected as each milestone occurred!

Her baby album has sat on our fancy, big, mostly unused dining room table for close to three years (removed for dinner guests and promptly replaced the next day). She will be 4 years old next year.

It has sat open, closed, or askew with pictures hanging in and out of it for years. I saw it often out of the corner of my eye and quickly switched my attention to other things. For those who know me, I usually don’t let things sit around undone but for some reason, I could never find the time to finish it. I would occasionally have a spurt of desire to complete it, would write some words, select some pictures, and ask my husband to print them. But quickly I would get distracted by something seemingly more important. And it sat there pulling me and repelling me at the same time.

We finished our son’s album just before our daughter was born which was 2 or so years after he was born, but that was mostly because his album is in Spanish and I don’t know Spanish. My sister decided to give us a Spanish baby album, so I had to nag, harass, make kind requests of their dad, who is fluent in Spanish, to finish the parts I couldn’t before our daughter was born.

Our daughter’s album is in English and on most days I know how to read and write English, but I had a baby album block…sort of like a writer’s block but it had a baby album slant to it. Several months ago, I came to the sudden realization that all my excuses of not having enough time, not being able to log in to my husband’s Mac to search iPhoto, not wanting to learn how to print pictures, and not wanting to deal with figuring out the dates of the pictures were masking my true feelings fears. And that fear had to do with closing a chapter in my life called ‚Äėbabyhood,’ despite not planning to (or wanting to) have any more babies. In my heart and eyes she will always be my baby girl but finishing her book puts finality to it and my heart is still adjusting to that feeling.

And it made me wonder about the other areas of my life where I might be doing the same thing. My fear of closing a chapter in my life and moving toward the unknown may be holding me back from discovering many unseen opportunities in business, my career, my life, or even my children’s lives. And I wondered if many other’s experience this sensation or if I’m the odd duck?

Oh, and just in case it wasn’t clear, I finished her album today…just a few short hours ago…and she helped me do it. I’m moving on to the next chapter of my life, and I’m thinking to myself “thank goodness there’s no such thing as a teenager album!” From what I hear, people like to forget those years. ūüôā

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Thanks for the Mentions!
May 29 2008

Trish and I were pleasantly surprised at the number of people who blogged and tweeted about our partnership with eMail Our Military that we announced just before Memorial Day weekend.¬† We are forever grateful for them in helping us spread the word about Babble Soft giving free subscriptions to Baby Insights and Baby Say Cheese to active duty military with newborns who are members of eMail Our Military!¬† We’d like to thank each and every one of them!¬†

Please check out their posts and leave them a comment and let them know how great it is that they picked up a partnership created by two entrepreneurs who are trying hard to make a difference in the world.¬† ūüėÄ

If you’ve blogged or tweeted about it and we missed it, please let us know and we’ll add you to the list.¬† Even though it’s past Memorial Day, if you are only now finding out about our partnership, please continue to tell everyone about it because the partnership is ongoing and Father’s Day is just around the corner.¬† We will still link to your post!

Blog Posts

Fred Wilson at A VC – Memorial Day

Jeff Nolan at Venture Chronicles – Markets are Communities

Maryam Scoble at Maryamie – Memorial Day

Lauren Vargas at This Mommy Gig – Serving the Homefront

Robert Hacker at Sophisticated Finance – Memorial Day

Barbara Ling at – 77 Great Resources for Memorial Day (she links to

Jeremy Bencken at PR4 Pirates – Anatomy of an A-List Blog Mention

Omar Gallaga at Austin 360 – Post-Memorial Day Web catch-up

Ashlee Allen of Mama Speaks – Keeping in Touch State Wide

Nicole Johnson at Pick Nick’s Brain – Quick Tip – Logging Sleep


Pistachio – Challenging: newborns. More challenging: while your partner’s on active duty. @emailourmilitary @aruni memday help

KeithBurtis – (aruni)Happy Memorial Day! Help us spread news of @MailOurMilitary (aka @Dayngr) and @babblesoft partnership

MikeChapman – Two of my favorites! @MailOurMilitary and @babblesoft join forces post

TroyTurner – @aruni , @dayngr FYI – I just fwd’d your offer to some insiders at Walter Reed, Ctr for the Intrepid-BAMC, and Naval Med Ctr-San Diego.

MackCollier – Retweeting @aruni: @MackCollier @MailOurMilitary and I have positive news to share too re: Memorial Day ūüôā

NewMediaJim (we know he tweeted but can’t seem to find the tweet now)

Hametner – @aruni @mailourmilitary Glad to see the partnership between and, looks like a great fit!

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Memorial Day – Babies and Our Military
May 23 2008

I met a gal on twitter who tweets by the name of @MailOurMilitary and @Dayngr.  Her real name is Trish.  We got to tweeting and emailing and then talking. 

Since Trish had gone through the hardship of being away from her husband when her first child was born, we both thought it would be a great idea to join forces to offer members of her non-profit organization, eMail Our Military free subscriptions to Babble Soft applications as well as access to a discount code for 20% off purchases for non-active military and friends.

So please let the military families you know about our offer and encourage them and others to sign up at eMail Our Military.  We know there is no way to make up for the lost time and touch of a parent who is away but now they have access to a free tool that can help bridge the unavoidable physical gap between two parents of a precious newborn.  We wanted to give people another reason, which is often overlooked (i.e., being away from their baby), to remember all those men and women who have put their lives at home on hold and/or laid down their lives to protect our freedom.

You can see the press release below, on our site, on PR Web, and on eMailOurMilitary’s blog.¬† Trish also wrote a more personal blog post called Baby Memories, Milestones, and Our Military¬†where she mentions¬†her experience as a new mom whose husband has to leave one week after her baby was born!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! 

Babble Soft and eMail our Military Join Forces to Offer Free Subscriptions to Babble Soft Applications for Active Duty Service Members with Newborns

Just in time for Memorial Day, Active Duty Service Members with Newborns now get free access to Babble Soft’s web and mobile applications through their membership at eMail Our Military.

eMail Our MilitaryAUSTIN, TX; MIAMI LAKES, FL РMay 22, 2008 РBabble Soft and eMail our Military are partnering to offer free subscriptions to Baby Insights and Baby Say Cheese for active duty service members with newborns. 

“We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with Babble Soft.” said Trish Forant, Founder and President of eMail our Military. “My husband was called into service only one week after our first child was born.¬† I had very few friends and family to turn to for support where we were stationed and it was difficult for me to convey to him what I was going through with our new baby.¬† I would have loved to have the online tools Babble Soft provides to communicate to him how often and when our baby was feeding, sleeping, etc. as well as important picture milestones!”

¬†“Our goal at Babble Soft is to help strengthen and enhance connections between family members during that wonderful, yet chaotic time after a baby is born.” said Aruni Gunasegaram, founder and president of Babble Soft. “We support our troops and know how important it is for new parents who have to be away from their newborns to feel connected to what is going on at home.¬† Partners can share experiences and photos with each other through Babble Soft’s unique web and mobile applications. As an added bonus, members of eMail our Military will have access to a discount code to purchase gift subscriptions for their other family members who may or may not have military ties.”

Baby Insights helps caregivers keep track of baby’s breast & bottle feeding, sleep periods, diaper changes, medicine doses, immunization records, as well as mom’s breastfeeding, pumping and medicine intake. Having important information stored in one location makes communication between parents, their nanny, babysitters, grandparents, or doctors seamless and reliable and gives new parents insight into their baby’s patterns to help with crucial baby care decisions.

Baby Say Cheese lets you create a wonderful online baby’s first year photo album with milestones such as ‚Äėfirst crawl, first smile, first word’ and family tree that you can share with friends and family.¬† You can even send a fun, cute picture postcards of any of your baby’s milestones to anyone with an email address!

About eMail our Military, Inc.
eMail Our Military was created in 2001 as a response to the DoD’s cancellation of the “Any Service Member” and “Operation Dear Abby” mail programs. As a safe alternative, eMOM picked up where these programs left off. eMail Our Military is composed of volunteers from all walks of life who understand that regardless of our political views, our military service members deserve our respect, support & encouragement. Website visitors can join and take part in a number of support projects ranging from sending eMail on a one-on-one basis with a service member to year round support projects that are open to the public. For more information on eMail Our Military, please visit

About Babble Soft, LLC
Babble Soft is based in Austin, Texas and creates products that help make the transition into parenthood babblesoft-babyeasier.¬† Whether you need breastfeeding support, are experiencing baby sleep issues, are expecting twins, or taking care of a premature (preemie) baby and would like to create your baby’s first year album, Babble Soft offers unique, easy-to-use Web and Mobile software solutions that improve communication between caregivers.¬† Babble Soft makes a great baby shower gift that you can easily send via Email to any new parent anywhere in the world!¬† To learn more and purchase Babble Soft applications, please visit

For more information, please contact:

Trish Forant
eMail our Military, Inc.
(786) 228-7096

Aruni Gunasegaram
Babble Soft, LLC
(512) 961-6002


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Give the Gift of Peace-of-Mind This Mother’s Day
Apr 28 2008

I don’t often do a full on post about Babble Soft, but considering Mother’s Day is coming up on May 11, 2008 and we are offering 15% off of all subscriptions (click here for full press release) to Baby Insights and Baby Say Cheese using code MOTHER#1 on the Purchase Form through May 15, I figured it would be OK.

So for all the new moms out there who want a record of their baby’s newborn activities, who want a place to create a unique baby’s first year photo album with a family tree, who want a better way to communicate about childcare with their spouse, nanny, sitters, and family members, this one’s for you!

Gift subscriptions also make great Mother’s Day and baby shower gifts for those couples who you know will want breastfeeding support or¬†see how often mom pumped and share when their baby ate, slept, and pooped! ūüôā

I even came up with a poem that I had submitted for a local parenting related publication.¬† It wasn’t selected so I thought I’d share it here.¬† As you can tell, I didn’t major in poetry but I hope you like it anyway!

Motherhood and Childhood

What does it mean to be a mother?
Is it love?
Is it fear?
Is it feeling dear?

What does it mean to be a child?
Is it love?
Is it joy?
Is it having a favorite toy?

As mothers we hope for our child’s happiness
We pray for our child’s health
We hope they are treated with kindness
We pray our children find peace in the world

As children we live for today
We anticipate a life of fun
We hope for a million tomorrows
We cannot imagine a world without our mothers

As mothers we cannot imagine a world without our children
We are one and the same…

Aruni Gunasegaram
March 2008

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Is Software Hard or Soft? Please Tell Me.
Dec 21 2007


I’ve seen companies doing soft launches of software products which makes me wonder what a hard launch is.¬† So far the main difference I’ve noticed is that the official press release about the new application or new feature doesn’t go out until after the ‚Äėhard’ launch.¬† My guess is that a lot of bug fixing is going on between soft and hard launch.

So, I’m happy/thrilled/ecstatic to report that we just soft launched our new sleep and immunization recording features of Baby Insights Web!¬† We are still working on some development issues on Baby Insights Mobile and plan to hard launch that app in January 2008.¬† The mobile app is not web-based (yet) so we don’t have the luxury of a soft launch.

Babble Soft is offering FREE 3 month gift subscriptions valued at $19.95 until March 15, 2007 to anyone who discovers a software bug in our NEW Baby Sleep and Immunization features of Baby Insights Web. Gifts are transferrable!  Sign up for your FREE account today. Happy hunting!

So far the soft launch has been uneventful (i.e., no major bugs), which is nice.¬† Thanks go out to our development team Cressanda and especially our project manager.¬†¬†I recommend¬†them highly.¬† The smoothness of the soft launch is also because we don’t have thousands upon thousands hundreds upon hundreds of users yet.¬† I’m banking on our foray into SEO to help get us there.¬† I mean if the “right people” (a.k.a. target market) don’t know we exist; it’s not surprising that we don’t have thousands of users yet.¬† Even viral marketing takes a bunch of upfront work because you have to get to the right early adopters who have major Internet influence.¬† I need to figure out how to do a video and get it in YouTube.

Given the fact that over 4 million babies are born in the US each year then include Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan and other Internet savvy countries, I’m anticipating that once those new parents and nannies find out about us, the floodgates will open.¬† Babies and floodgates…not sure if the analogy works but I think you get the point. ūüôā

I’ve been spending my time the last couple of days doing website updates to reflect the new features. And I’m working on pulling the pieces together of a business plan for some potential angel investor meetings that I have scheduled for early next year.¬† If you know an angel investor (or you happen to be one) who likes the baby/new parent/web application/social networking space, please send them my way!¬† The applications we have now are only the tip of the colossal iceberg.

Now for a short SEO break:

Whether you need breastfeeding support, are excitedly following your pregnancy week by week, ¬†are experiencing baby sleep issues, or are already under way creating your baby’s first year album, Babble Soft offers unique, easy-to-use Web and Mobile software solutions that improve communication between caregivers about baby’s and mom’s schedules.

Baby Insights helps caregivers keep track of baby’s breast & bottle feeding, sleep periods, diaper changes, medicine doses, and immunization records, as well as mom’s breastfeeding, pumping and medicine intake. Having important information stored in one location makes communication between parents, their nanny, babysitters, grandparents, or doctors seamless and reliable and gives new parents insight into their baby’s patterns to help with crucial baby care decisions. Baby Say Cheese lets you create a wonderful online baby’s first year photo album with milestones and family tree that you can share with friends and family.¬†

If you are interested in reading about how I cope with manage software launches, fundraising, and SEO¬†consider subscribing to this blog’s feed.¬† If you are an entrepreneur, it will be worth your while…even if I crash and burn….which I won’t…because I said so, that’s why.¬†¬† Now go play with your Power Rangers.¬† Sigh.

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Mom’s Best Friend and Babble Soft
Nov 7 2007

mbfalogocenter150x105.gif  voted.gif

How are the two related?¬† Well my company, Babble Soft, recently partnered with Mom’s Best Friend (MBF Agency), an Austin, Texas based nanny agency with offices in 5 markets in Texas, to offer their clients and nannies Babble Soft web accounts of their very own!¬† Yay!¬†

I have personally met and had great conversations with Kathy Dupuy, the founder/Owner of MBF Agency, and Jessica Sjolseth, their Marketing Director.  They are fabulous people!  They are amazing to work with and in true partner style, they are helping open doors to new opportunities for Babble Soft.

It is so nice to work with people who understand what you are trying to do and that the goal of your company is to help new parents with childcare.¬† As an entrepreneur with a new technology product in the brave new, online, connected world of parenting, sometimes it can take a lot of education and question answering to explain to people why someone would want to use your products/services.¬† This is especially true when the experienced business community¬†tends to be comprised of¬†older people with grown children or grandchildren who survived parenthood without the Internet. ūüėÄ

I’m sure many tech entrepreneurs before me fielded questions/comments like ‚ÄėWhy would anyone need a computer at home? Why would anyone go to the Internet to get information?¬† Even if they went to the Internet why would they search it to find stuff?¬† No one will use the information on the Internet to make decisions, let alone share their pictures.¬† People won’t spend time on their computer at home when they have a TV just around the corner!‘¬† In hindsight, it kinda makes you chuckle a little, doesn’t it? ūüėČ

What I really enjoy about working in this industry is the genuineness of the people who are a part of it.¬† It’s clear from meeting with Kathy (who has 4 children) and Jessica (who has 2 children) that their goal is to provide the best childcare they can for their clients!¬† If you are looking for childcare and/or household help in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas or Fort Worth, check out their site.¬† And remember, their infant care nannies and baby nurses now have access to Baby Insights and Baby Say Cheese to help you communicate about childcare!

To view the full press release click here.  To see our growing list of fabulous partners, check out our Partner page.

About Mom’s Best Friend

Mom’s Best Friend is Austin’s most established household staffing agency. Since it was founded in 1994, Mom’s Best Friend has been referring the highest quality nannies and sitters, with only 10% of applicants making it through a detailed application, an extensive in-person interview, reference checks, CPR training, a criminal background check, and more. This commitment to quality has resulted in a “Best Nanny Service” award by the Austin Family Magazine reader’s poll on six separate occasions, including most recently in 2007. Placements range from temporary to permanent, with offices in five major Texas cities. Mom’s Best Friend is a member of the Alliance of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA) and the International Nanny Association (INA). For more information, visit or call 512.346.2229.

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Baby Say Cheese!
Aug 10 2007

It’s close…it’s close!¬† So close I can taste it!¬† We will soon be launching our new photo album/family tree application that integrates with Baby Manager called Baby Say Cheese (version 1.0). ūüôā

We were lucky enough to obtain the domain using the GoDaddy discount at eMomsatHome.   Anyone who purchases a subscription (for themselves or as a gift) from now until August 20, 2007 will have access to this new feature for their subscription period for Free!  So even if you want to buy a gift for a baby shower you are going to next month or for a co-worker, a customer, a vendor who you know will be having a baby even 4 to 6 months out if you purchase now the subscription will automatically include access to Baby Say Cheese because the subscription period does not start until they activate it!  Please check out our coupon page for any additional employer negotiated discounts. 

After launch, anyone signing up for a FREE account will also have access to Baby Say Cheese.  We have also made a few updates to Baby Manager which include:

  • Inserted hyperlinks from home page summary boxes and Mom & Baby summary pages to the appropriate entry pages
  • Added¬†a copy down feature for the Add 10 pages for our users who don’t have a mobile device and use our custom forms for breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, medicine, and diapers…this makes entering info¬†MUCH easier if you have to do it all at once!
  • some minor bug fixes

Unfortunately Safari 3.0.2 has presented some UI challenges for us because it is different enough from all the other browsers out there.  Although the applications work on prior Safari versions without a problem.  I think this all has to do with the iPhone.

We also plan to update our Babble Soft web site but given everything going on, I think that might take a bit more time to fit into the schedule.¬† ūüėÄ

Now for some pre-release screen shots of Baby Say Cheese.  The final version will have a few cosmetic changes.

Family Tree


Slideshow (all information¬†noted below¬†‘Age: 4 weeks’¬†¬† is optional)

¬†Email to a Friend (all information¬†noted below¬†‘Age: 4 weeks’ ¬†is optional)

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