Watch This Now – Poetry For Your Parental Heart
Nov 28 2011

I don’t’ have time to read many blogs these days, but I read about 98% of what Seth Godin writes on his blog.  I keep meaning to buy and read more of his books, but time escapes me with the many things I’m juggling right now. I’m so glad he blogs!

I subscribed to his Domino Project emails.  Watch this video.  If you have kids.  If you have a daughter.  If you are a human being who has put yourself in the face of challenge and danger.  If you want to know you are not alone, you must watch this video on Ted Talk.  Sarah Kay is a “spoken word poet.”  She starts with a compelling poem.  She then goes on to discuss her loves of poetry and theater.  She is young.  She is beautiful and well spoken.  Given her talent now, I wonder how she will sound after she actually has kids…or a daughter.  Video is embedded below:


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