The 39 Clues and Children’s Chatter
Jun 23 2010

I took the kids to Barnes & Noble a couple of weeks ago to look at books and play with the train set in the kids section.   When I can’t think of anything else to do, I go there because I can get a Starbuck’s hot chocolate or passion tea lemonade and hang out with them while they look at books.  My son happened upon a book series on display called The 39 Clues (there’s even an official website!) and for some reason he decided he wanted the books.  I think there are 9 in the series and he was excited because the 9th book took place in the Bahamas which was a place they were about to go to with their dad.  Although he’s not quite the recommended age (9 to 12 years) for the books, I was thrilled he wanted to read them.  He’s a good reader, but he really hasn’t been that interested in sitting down for any length of time and reading a book.  He loves any and all things sports related and usually prefers to play Wii NFL Madden football than read a book.   He asked me almost every day since the day he saw them if the books were here…well they arrived today.

This book series seems to be about kids searching out clues around the world to unlock and discover the secret to their family’s powers.  It’s apparently a New York Times bestselling series and it comes with special clue cards.

Being the frugal mom/person that I usually am, I told him that I would go check them out online first before buying them and of course they were cheaper online at Amazon so I ended up buying him The 39 Clues Book 1: The Maze Of Bones – Library Edition (39 Clues. Special Library Edition), The 39 Clues Book 2: One False Note, The 39 Clues Book 3: The Sword Thief, and The 39 Clues: Card Pack (v. 1) (Amazon Links).  It will be interesting to see if he likes them and gets hooked.

As for children’s chatter, I love listening to my kids having conversations with each other.  The things they talk about are so funny and interesting.  While driving around running errands with them after work today, they decided to ask me how babies are made and I explained to them as simply as I could how a baby gets inside a mommy’s tummy.  They grasped the concept but not really the details as I didn’t get into the mechanics of how it happens.  [My daughter usually says she does not want to have babies.  I ask her why and she says because her tummy would get big.  But then a few minutes later, she’s playing with her baby dolls! My son hopes to only have boy babies because other than his sister, he much prefers hanging with his buddies.]  Anyway, they laughed and then started talking to each other about turning into sand.  My daughter said she wanted to turn into sand after she died.  My son said that according to the Chinese, you become an animal after you die.  He asked me if that was true and I just told him that some people believe certain things and no one really knows what happens after someone dies.  My daughter kept asking her brother if he wanted to turn into sand and after a while he agreed that he would also want to turn into sand.  She then smiled a victorious smile because she got her brother to agree to something she wanted to do.  I feel so blessed that they usually get along really well with each other right now.  They really seem to look out for each other and make sure the other is OK.  I hope it lasts and I can’t wait to overhear their next sandy conversation. 🙂

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