Summer 2012 – The Heat Is Here
Jun 13 2012

It’s already breaking 100 degrees in Texas.  Summer is here…well officially on June 21.  My kids will finish school this week.  Then, hopefully, they will go on a couple of trips and attend a bunch of summer camps including a Spanish immersion one held by their school and have a lot of outdoor fun at Doublecreek Camp.  They have been given things to work on during the summer and, of course, they are complaining that it’s not fair they have a tiny bit of summer “homework.” Little do they know that I would be fine with year round school!  If only they could grasp now how “not fair” life usually is and how “more than fair” their short lives have been when compared to the majority of kids around the world, it would save them much disillusionment later.

This summer is going to be an interesting one for many reasons that I’ll post about soon.  Lots of changes, mostly good.  But with changes in situation and temperatures, there is always an adjustment period. 🙂

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Summer Memories
Jun 1 2008

I was just tagged by Carole at Alias Tex for a meme called Summer Memories.   I was going to work on a longer post today but a sick kid took up most of our time this evening.  She’s sleeping now so hopefully she’ll feel better in the morning. 

This is a light and fun meme that was pretty quick for me to write-up.  A few of Carole’s memories were some of my favorites too.

What are your top five summer favorites?  It can be memories, places to go, things to do, sights, smells, whatever. . . . What says “summer” to you?

Here are 5 nice things I think of when I think of summer:

  • visiting my cousins in Ohio
  • visiting my grandparents in Sri Lanka
  • lightening bugs and the sounds of crickets and cicadas during a clear star-filled night
  • swimming at a beach or a pool
  • sleeping in late in the morning knowing I had no big responsibilities.  Of course sleeping in with no cares in the world disappeared after graduating from college and became the stuff of fairy tales after the kids arrived. 🙂

Now being in Texas there are also a couple of downsides to summer:

  • the often unbearable heat! Hot days and hot/sticky/humid nights
  • mosquitos that want to eat you (well me) alive and other weird bugs like June bugs

I’m not going to tag anyone specifically for this meme, but if you feel like playing along, leave your top summer fancies in the comments below or in a blog post of your own!

Have a great summer everyone!

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