Husky Powertek Precision Screwdriver – Easy To Use
Dec 24 2010

Sometimes I get requests to review products on my blog.  A while back, I was asked if I would blog about an Epson Artison 800 printer, which I still have and it works well most of the time.  Although I had trouble printing some postcards for my holiday cards this year.  I had to resort to regular paper and hand cutting for many of them which was frustrating, but otherwise it has worked well for me.

I ignore or decline many offers to blog about items because either a) I don’t get the need for or usefulness of the product, b) I don’t need or want it, or c) I know my readers won’t care.  But recently, I was asked if I would like to review the Husky 13-Piece Powertek Precision Screwdriver Set available at Home Depot (retails for $9.88), and I said “heck yes!” I need a power screw driver.  I had an old set of screwdrivers my dad gave me when I first came to college umpteen years ago that I have used often, but it’s manual. I responded within a few hours and they were already out, but then she emailed me a few days later and said she was given more samples to give to bloggers so I said “send it on!”

So last night I used it to hang up some new pictures (in frames) I had of the kids with the help of my long time friends (they have put up with me and my craziness for 20+ years) who were visiting from Dallas.  Between the 3 of us with the 4 kids making tons of noise on the piano and with their zhu zhu pets and kung zhu pets behind us,we hung 3 pictures up.  Thankfully, one of us was close to 6 feet tall (and that wasn’t me or his wife) because we hung the pictures high above the TV set.

I used the screwdriver, which had a head that was small enough, to screw in the little thingamabobs that go on the back of the frame that look like they have little teeth that you hang on top of a nail with.  It was quick and easy although I messed up the angle on one of them.  I think the tool is going to come in handy after opening Christmas presents tomorrow that might need some batteries inside battery compartments that require to be unscrewed before inserting batteries!

My only suggestions would be improvement on packaging because it is hard to handle and seems flimsy.  I dropped the bottom section which holds the heads (or mini bits as they call them) when walking to the room where we were going to hang the pictures and two of the bits fell out.  Fortunately, I found one quickly but the other one took some hunting for to find.  And the plastic cover is a bit loose/flimsy but for $9.88, you can beat the quick power screwing ability (hey, keep your mind clean – it is after all Christmas tomorrow).  I wish I had this tool when I had to manually screw in all the knobs in my daughter’s new dresser I bought her a few months ago.  My hand/arm was sore after screwing in 14 or so knobs.  I’ll be curious to see how much power and longevity it has and if the bits are hard enough to not wear down and hold their fit for some items that require pressure screwing.

All in all, I had a good first experience using it.  I think I’ll still have to keep my other screwdriver kit because the bits are bigger for bigger screws, but I can easily stick this one in a drawer in the house and pull it out quickly when I need it.

I’m appreciative of the opportunity to review such a practical, useful item and so far would recommend it!  Check out the Husky site for the other tool kits they sell.

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