WP Engine is Now Hosting entrepreMusings – My Blog :-)
Oct 28 2015

Those of you who subscribe to my blog by email may have noticed that an email was sent with the five most recent blog posts I wrote.  It was apparently a byproduct from migrating my blog from one host (GoDaddy) to another (WP Engine).  I recently joined WP Engine so I have the opportunity to take advantage of hosting my WordPress blog on a hugely better platform for WordPress sites!

We have a really easy-to-use migration tool/plugin, so moving my now over eight (yes, 8!) year old blog over to the WP Engine hosting platform was simple.  Maybe now I will finally be able to write more often about business, parenting, life, and music (hopeful emoji).  I may even change the name of my blog to one that is easier to pronounce once I think of a better alternative. 😀  Suggestions are welcome!

I’m excited to be working at WP Engine.  The company is well beyond the start-up phase but still very entrepreneurial at heart.  So far it seems to have a wonderfully collaborative, energetic, hard working, caring, and get-things-done culture…which is my kind of vibe!

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Win a Jackson 5ive Cartoon DVD!
Mar 17 2013

jackson5dvdI’m hosting a giveaway for the first time in a long time.  I think Michael Jackson (link to the post I wrote after he died) and his family are really talented so when someone reached out to me to see if I’d write a post about the newly released DVD and host a giveaway if they sent me a free review copy, I said “Yes, thank you!”

The Jackson 5ive Cartoon DVD retails for $32.99 for a DVD and it’s $39.99 on Blu-Ray.

The kids watched all of the 23 episodes and really enjoyed them!  I wasn’t able to watch all of them due to regularly scheduled “mom duties” and work related stuff, but I did see many of them.  Despite hearing the “ABC-123” song way more times than I have in my entire life before now, I really enjoyed them too.  It was neat (a.k.a. groovy) how they took classic fairy tales and turned them into shows that had a “hairy godfather,” “The Wizard of Soul,” “Michael In Wonderland,” “Jackson and the Beanstalk,” etc.  Michael loses his glass sneaker when he sneaks out to the ball and the pretty girl finds him in typical “Cinderjackson” style.  In another one, Michael eats a poisoned apple and needs to be awakened by a princess’ kiss. Their pet mice (Ray & Charles) & snake (Rosey) join in on the antics and the episodes even teach nice lessons about topics like taking care of nature.  The episodes were a fun flashback to the 1970’s and the songs that made the Jackson 5 (Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael) famous.

Here’s the blurb from the folks giving away the free copy: “For the first time ever, the famous Jackson 5ive Cartoon DVD is on video … available to the public since January 15, 2013! Introduced in 1971, the cartoon takes the Jackson brothers on a colorful journey, teaching them a life lesson along the way of all 23 episodes. Making this DVD extra special is that each episode features two digitally re-mastered tracks from the Jackson 5ive! We think this is something that all Jackson fans, music fans and the 1970’s in general will love, as the cartoon brings back the glory years and celebrates the immense talents that each Jackson possessed. Not only do I think you will enjoy this DVD, but believe your kids will be captivated by the incredible music and colorful animation of the Jackson 5ive!”

How can you win? Just leave a comment on why you (or someone you know) like Michael, The Jackson 5, or any of the other talented Jackson family members, and the kids and I will sort of randomly select a name on Friday, March 29, 2013.  The lucky winner will be put in touch with the promoters of the video and will receive a free DVD directly from them.  It’s as easy as A, B, C, and 1, 2, 3!

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Random Thoughts And Printers
Apr 5 2012

For some reason today was a weird day.  It started out with me dragging myself onto the treadmill at 6:00 a.m.  Then I sorted through a bunch of email and set up some meetings.  I had a good meeting with one of my clients.  I even had a good lunch with a potential client.  Then it got mixed up in a few ways that illustrate the complexity of us humans and machines as follows:

  • I called my insurance agent to discuss car and homeowners premiums. Given I’ve had my car almost 11 years and it has over 135K miles on it, I felt like I was paying way too much.  I was right and I ended up saving hundreds of dollars per year.  I got irritated knowing that if I had called a year ago, I could have saved more money.  I hate wasting money.  So it was a bittersweet sensation.  I hope they are glad that I didn’t call Geico (darn gecko) first!
  • As I was on the phone with the agent, my Epson printer freaked out and stopped printing.   I had the printer 3 1/2 years and it decided to crash today…just as I needed to print and scan back docs to the agent.  It was cheaper to buy a new printer than figure out how to get it to San Antonio to fix it.  Needless to say, I spent a significant portion of what I was about to save on reduced insurance premiums on a new printer.
  • I called the cable company a few months ago and discovered I could spend 1/2 of what I was spending on cable & internet and still get basically the same service.
  • I wonder how much revenue these companies collect because people like me are too busy to call and figure out what the less expensive, still viable options are.  What if it was 20 or 30% of their revenue?!  That means they are relying on our laziness, busy-ness, and stupidity for a significant portion of their revenue.
  • I wonder if someone can invent an app that scans all your bills periodically and lets you know if you made this change or took advantage of this new package, you could save hundreds of dollars.
  • I stopped at Office Depot before and after a happy hour for the Austin Technology Incubator and received $50 credit for my old printer for a trade in on an HP printer that supposedly has more capacity and features.  I’ve already set it up and like the scan-to-email feature.  Thank goodness for auto setup on devices these days!
  • Grey’s Anatomy is a very good TV show.  Mad Men displays sexism and the male dominated advertising firm life in the 60’s very well, but sometimes I can’t follow their conversations easily.
  • Matters of the heart, head, and machine are not so easily resolved no matter how hard we try.  They all seem to result in the sensation of wanting to punch something or someone or cry when you can’t get them to work like they should.
  • How do 9 year old boys play 4 games of soccer in one day without falling over.  We will soon find out.
  • I’m thankful I live in the United States where I can create opportunity where none would usually exist as well as buy a new printer on short notice.  I’m also thankful that I saved for “rainy days” and live in a place that usually has less rain than other places.
  • I’m thankful for good health.

I have so many more thoughts, but most are not very useful to the general public just like half of the above aren’t either, but I hope it results in a few of you saving some money.

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Husky Powertek Precision Screwdriver – Easy To Use
Dec 24 2010

Sometimes I get requests to review products on my blog.  A while back, I was asked if I would blog about an Epson Artison 800 printer, which I still have and it works well most of the time.  Although I had trouble printing some postcards for my holiday cards this year.  I had to resort to regular paper and hand cutting for many of them which was frustrating, but otherwise it has worked well for me.

I ignore or decline many offers to blog about items because either a) I don’t get the need for or usefulness of the product, b) I don’t need or want it, or c) I know my readers won’t care.  But recently, I was asked if I would like to review the Husky 13-Piece Powertek Precision Screwdriver Set available at Home Depot (retails for $9.88), and I said “heck yes!” I need a power screw driver.  I had an old set of screwdrivers my dad gave me when I first came to college umpteen years ago that I have used often, but it’s manual. I responded within a few hours and they were already out, but then she emailed me a few days later and said she was given more samples to give to bloggers so I said “send it on!”

So last night I used it to hang up some new pictures (in frames) I had of the kids with the help of my long time friends (they have put up with me and my craziness for 20+ years) who were visiting from Dallas.  Between the 3 of us with the 4 kids making tons of noise on the piano and with their zhu zhu pets and kung zhu pets behind us,we hung 3 pictures up.  Thankfully, one of us was close to 6 feet tall (and that wasn’t me or his wife) because we hung the pictures high above the TV set.

I used the screwdriver, which had a head that was small enough, to screw in the little thingamabobs that go on the back of the frame that look like they have little teeth that you hang on top of a nail with.  It was quick and easy although I messed up the angle on one of them.  I think the tool is going to come in handy after opening Christmas presents tomorrow that might need some batteries inside battery compartments that require to be unscrewed before inserting batteries!

My only suggestions would be improvement on packaging because it is hard to handle and seems flimsy.  I dropped the bottom section which holds the heads (or mini bits as they call them) when walking to the room where we were going to hang the pictures and two of the bits fell out.  Fortunately, I found one quickly but the other one took some hunting for to find.  And the plastic cover is a bit loose/flimsy but for $9.88, you can beat the quick power screwing ability (hey, keep your mind clean – it is after all Christmas tomorrow).  I wish I had this tool when I had to manually screw in all the knobs in my daughter’s new dresser I bought her a few months ago.  My hand/arm was sore after screwing in 14 or so knobs.  I’ll be curious to see how much power and longevity it has and if the bits are hard enough to not wear down and hold their fit for some items that require pressure screwing.

All in all, I had a good first experience using it.  I think I’ll still have to keep my other screwdriver kit because the bits are bigger for bigger screws, but I can easily stick this one in a drawer in the house and pull it out quickly when I need it.

I’m appreciative of the opportunity to review such a practical, useful item and so far would recommend it!  Check out the Husky site for the other tool kits they sell.

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