WP Engine is Now Hosting entrepreMusings – My Blog :-)
Oct 28 2015

Those of you who subscribe to my blog by email may have noticed that an email was sent with the five most recent blog posts I wrote.  It was apparently a byproduct from migrating my blog from one host (GoDaddy) to another (WP Engine).  I recently joined WP Engine so I have the opportunity to take advantage of hosting my WordPress blog on a hugely better platform for WordPress sites!

We have a really easy-to-use migration tool/plugin, so moving my now over eight (yes, 8!) year old blog over to the WP Engine hosting platform was simple.  Maybe now I will finally be able to write more often about business, parenting, life, and music (hopeful emoji).  I may even change the name of my blog to one that is easier to pronounce once I think of a better alternative. 😀  Suggestions are welcome!

I’m excited to be working at WP Engine.  The company is well beyond the start-up phase but still very entrepreneurial at heart.  So far it seems to have a wonderfully collaborative, energetic, hard working, caring, and get-things-done culture…which is my kind of vibe!

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GoDaddy – Affiliate Program
May 21 2008

I’ve never really tried too much to monetize my blog so I’ve decided to start experimenting.  I do have BlogHer Ads on the right side of my blog and recently activated Google Adsense, but that hasn’t really brought in a lot of money yet.  I have kept BlogHer Ads because I support many of the things that BlogHer does and stands for.

I figure if Fred Wilson who blogs at A VC (he’s a venture capitalist) can make $30K a year from his blog, maybe I can make a few bucks that I can invest back into Babble Soft.  I’ve been so busy on other things that I haven’t really taken the time to figure out this whole blog monetization thing.  Now that I have a reasonable amount of subscribers, I figure I’d try my first affiliate program.  So I signed up for the GoDaddy Affiliate Program.  If you click on one of the images below, you will get some great discounts on domain names and hosting packages and I’ll get a little money to put in the company coffer! 


Sale! $6.95 .com at Go Daddy GoDaddy.com 120x60

If you are thinking about starting a business and you have some great domain name ideas, I suggest you go ahead and check to see if they are available, set up and account with GoDaddy, and possibly buy one or more just in case.  They have great introductory prices that start at $6.95 per year.  I have purchased several domain names with them and have really liked their service and prices.  I have not used their hosting but if their customer service on hosting is as good as their customer service on domain names, then it’s probably pretty good!

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